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Great visualization technique that you can use to get your dream job in Gulf Region

Here is a great visualization technique that you can use to get your dream job in Gulf Region. Trust me, this works. This technique was developed based on Neuro-linguistic Programming known as NLP (an alternative approach to psychotherapy). This has been tested and proven many times.


Please read the entire document a few times to understand before putting it to practice.


Everyone can understand a direction on where the past is and where the future is. For an example, you can remember what happened yesterday and also two weeks before. And also there is a direction from now to yesterday, and from yesterday to two weeks ago. This is the time path.


In the similar way, there is a time path towards the future. Let’s assume that you want to go and see a friend tomorrow. You know that it is in the future date and there is a path from now towards the future.


Keep this basic time path theory in mind and do the below exercise.


Here are the steps…


  1. Decide by when (exact date) you want to get a job in Gulf Region. Be realistic. Then write down your goal in the present tense in the following format.


It is now <exact target date> and I have just got a good job in Gulf Region. I can see I am reading the appointment letter.


Example: Let’s say that you want to get a good job in Gulf Region by 15 December 2008. Your goal statement would look like this:


It is now 15 December 2008 and I have just got a good job in Gulf Region. I can see I am reading the appointment letter.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that you write this statement on a piece of paper. The date should be the exact date. Do not use words such as soon, next week, next month etc. Write the exact date.


  1. Then sit down in a quiet place and relax. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths.


  1. Imagine and visualize that today is your target date (15 December 2008 in the above example) and you just received the appointment letter. The letter may have arrived via mail, may be a fax or you are in Gulf Region and the employer just handed over it to you. Customize it depending on how you want to see it. Make this as real as possible. Visualize that you are reading the letter, and that you see the colour of the letter, fonts. Also, feel that you are holding the letter, feel the thickness of the paper etc.


Visualize that you are happy and excited. Feel the feeling. Perhaps you can visualize that you are talking to the employer after reading the letter, shaking hands etc. Make it as real as possible. Now Change the colours of this scene; make it bright and bigger (this is similar to changing settings in your TV). Please note that you should not see your face or body, because you are there, reading and looking around from your own eyes.


See the below picture to get an idea. You are reading with your own eyes.




  1. Do this visualization for about 2 – 5 minutes. Don’t open your eyes yet.


  1. Now you have to see the same thing from a different angel. It is similar to watching something on TV. Now step out from the scene that you were visualizing earlier. This time you should visualize the above, but the difference is you can also see YOURSELF in the scene. It is like watching a TV program about receiving an appointment letter for a job in Gulf Region, and You are starring in that program. It will look like below



You are   part of the picture

The above picture is an example of reading the letter from home. The appointment letter has been arrived by mail or by fax and you are reading it at home. You can customize it depending on the way you want it to happen.

  1. Then take a snapshot of it (similar to a photo taken from a camera). Now visualize that you are taking the picture and go straight up above the sky. Go high and high. You will see the objects on earth like Ants. Stop now.

  1. You have to make the picture brighter from your life force. This is how to do it. Take a deep breath from your nose and exhale from mouth. Visualize that when you exhale, the air goes and touches the picture that you are carrying. Visualize that the picture is getting brighter when the air touches the picture. Basically when you exhale the picture is getting brighter. Do this 3 times.

  1. Then start flying towards the future targeted date (15 December 2008 in the example). Stop exactly above your target date. Visualize that the target date is marked on the road. Drop the picture and visualize that the picture is exactly on the target date.

The above steps (6 – 8) are summarized in the below picture


  1. Now while you are still above the future targeted date, look back and visualize that everything has arranged perfectly to accomplish your target. Then look forward towards the future and visualize a bright future as you have got a job in Gulf Region.
  1. Now come back to your current place. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

Do this exercise (steps 2 – 10) everyday until you get a job in Gulf Region. Make sure that you do not change the target date or the scene that you are visualizing. It should be consistent.

There is a science behind this exercise. Trust us, this has worked for many people and will definitely work for you.

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